Precinct   Chair

101           Vicki Adams

103           Eric Blake

104           J.J. Brookshire

105           Kristina Blake

107           Dorinda Sims

108           Tom M. Manning

109           Gordon Edwards

110            Bruce Erickson

111            Don Hoover

112            Paula Anz

114            Peggy Spalding Crabtree

117            Don A. Wilson

119            Alex Smith

120            Sandra G. Turner

121            Patsy Erickson

122            Dirk Kovar

130            Maureen Kennedy

132            Tommie Worthy

140            Marty Hiles

143            Ralph Nelson

145            Fran Sweet

148            Cheree Barrett

149            Nelson Baird

Precinct Chairs

Precinct Chairs are the “grassroots” of the Republican Party. Installed by the CEC until confirmed or replaced by election in a primary they  have the responsibility of maximizing the Republican vote in their precinct by identifying, registering, informing and turning out the voters in their precinct.  

Precinct Chairs manage the Precinct Convention held on primary election night on even number years at their Precinct polling location. Delegates to the upcoming County Convention are elected at the Precinct Convention and resolutions to be presented at the County Convention, are voted on.

Precinct Chairs can be elected to be delegates at the County Convention that then elects delegates to the State Convention, also held after the primary election on even number years. Delegates at the State Convention elect delegates to the National Convention that elect the Republican Presidential candidate every four years

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